An important body of the Foundation is the internal board. At the beginning of November, the Internal Board came together on our premises of the Rindermarkthalle in Hamburg. The board consists of elected representatives of the Lemonaid company and has been introduced to the processes of the Foundations work.


In Summer 2018, 5 new board members where elected by the employees of the Lemonaid Company in order to replace the old board members. Two of the old board members remained in office to include the new ones in the Foundations work. During the internal board meeting, they engage in questions and tasks regarding the Foundation. While digging deeper into the matter of projects, partners and the countries, the projects are settled in. Members of the internal board are equally ambassadors, spreading the word to the rest of the corporation. That is because alone or as a pair it is not always easy for Hanna and Aileen – our two project coordinators – to explain every single one of the more than 20 different and highly complex projects.


One association, one organisation, one vision

The internal advisory board and the foundation come together to onboard the new team members, exchange news, discuss changes and to work up and fix novelties or improvements related to the Foundation’s work. While doing so, it is important to keep sight of the shared vision. After all, it is one of the reasons why the corporation and Foundation where established in the first place:


‘We want to co-create social change. Change is the result of myriad, small decisions of many people – made every day once more. We want to initiate decision, that have a positive impact on society. CHANGE BY CHOICE’



Working according to the vision means working co-creative. That is why, during the meeting the members discussed the meaning behind the kind of partnership the Foundation wants to embrace and the meaning everyone gave to the term themselves.


One of the most important area for the board, are the project applications and their evaluation. The grant part of this is taking place during the great advisory board meeting. In order to prepare the new ones for this responsible work this topic is making up several hours. Another important topic during these two days is the sensitisation of the team for topic of power criticism and why it is important to reflect the daily work in development work.



‘How do processes like the call for proposals, application, selection and funding work?
Why is it important to use a certain kind of language in communication?
What does a power critical view mean and how is it easily represented or overlooked in using pictures and text for communication?’


Appearing simultaneously: Awareness, productivity and in between enjoying oneself

It sounds a little dull and static, at first. Meetings within the Lemonaid-Family are always a delight. Obviously: When Simon from Italy, Stefan from Austria and Paul from the Netherlands are not to be found in one room every day. Or Ina, who even came from the far away land of Hessen. In any case, the ambiance is marvellous. While there’s a joke every so often, the silence during presentations and the various questions afterwards, show the seriousness with which every member takes its responsibility for the Foundation’s work and the projects.

Administrative language during board meetings is English. This time though, everyone understands German, which is why the meeting is held in German, too. Moments like this one create ease:
Paul comments on something in English and everyone else switches to English for the next five minutes, only to switch back to German just as abruptly.


The Internal Board and Foundation © Ronja Schweer (First row left to right, Stefan Haller, Paul Bestebreurtje, Sebastian Koch, Sebastian Schwickert, Simon Luyken, Ina Hanusch; Second row left to right, Larissa Schad, Anna Messerschmidt, Maren Haverkamp, Hanna Brüning, Aileen Puhlmann)



Two days of methods, presentation, creativity, discussions and a small chitchat here and there. In the end, everyone is going back to their daily routine. Now, with having even further knowledge about the Foundation’s work and with having new motivation for communicating the projects. The moment you know about the good cause you are working for, your passion for it grows even stronger.