The Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation

The Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation is a charitable organisation founded in 2010 in the bohemian St. Pauli area of Hamburg. We’ve made it our goal that every persona has access to independent, self-determined and sustainable livelihoods.

We support entrepreneurial and income generating initiatives in regions currently excluded from fair access to the global economic system. We partner with local organisations who implement projects within their communities to create positive change and strengthen economic independence.

The focus of our work is therefore on strengthening their resources. For this reason, we primarily promote entrepreneurship and educational institutions that aim to create sustainable sources of income.

Our organisation is funded primarily from the sale of Lemonaid & ChariTea drinks, but donations and active participation in our work are more than welcome. The projects we support lie in ingredients home countries of the beverages and teas.

As of December 2021, we have been able to support 50 projects since the inception of the Foundation. We choose our projects directly, and pay regular project visits ourselves to see how things are progressing . This means we get to know the local people and project partners during each successive visit, and learn about local problems and potenials. Local initiatives from our project countries South Africa, Rwanda, Madagascar, Peru, Mexico, India & Sri Lanka that would like to be supported by the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation can apply for funds on a regulary basis.

Open call for projects proposals from Sri Lanka:
We are currently accepting project proposals from Sri Lanka, please find more information here.

The Team

The Foundation

After studying in London, Aileen spent 7 years in the Eastern Cape of South Africa working in the field of development cooperation.


Part of the team since 2016, has she brought life and passion to the Foundation.

Aileen Puhlmann
Management of the Foundation, Projectcoordination Africa

Marina, the woman for impact management, joined us at the end of 2020.


Through her time as an M&E consultant in India, she contributes a talent for numbers and impact systems to the Foundation.

Marina Kuch
Projectcoordination Asia, Monitoring & Evaluation

Claudia brings with her a lot of Latin American expertise through her studies and living 10 years abroad in Mexico City.

She also takes care of the internal and external visibility and communication of the foundation´s work.

Claudia Wondratschke
Project coordinator Latin America & Communications

The External Board

"As a journalist and communications consultant in the field of sustainability, I am excited to support the Foundation with my expertise.

So that the good can be seen - and that others can get in motion."

Thomas Friemel
Director Kombüse, Journalist

"It is very important to me to promote the entrepreneurial potential of people and to accompany them at eye-level. I am happy to support the Foundation in the assessment and selection of sustainable projects".

Anke Luckja
Director Opportunity International Germany

"I'm moved by entrepreneurial approaches for sustainability. What counts in the end here is positive impact.

That's why I like to discuss with the Advisory Board how we can achieve and scale positive impact."

Markus Beckmann
Professorhip for Sustainability Management

As an experienced scholar in the field of social entrepreneurship, I am grateful for the opportunity to support the association with my practical and contextual (Latin American) knowledge in their important work.

Francisco Layrisse
external advisor

I am happy to share my experience as WASH Coordinator at Viva con Agua with the Advisory Board in order to take a holistic view of project designs. A systemic approach is important to me, because only through an enabling environment can projects be successful in the long term and sustainably.

Christian Wiebe
External advisor

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