Call for Proposals is closed

Currently the Foundation is not accepting applications. As soon as we have an open call we will communicate it here.

During our call we accept applications from initiatives, from or active, in South Africa, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Paraguay, Argentina, India and Rwanda as long as they comply with the greater vision and memorandum of the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation and our funding guidelines.

Support is given to ‘one-off projects’, as well as long-term partnerships, whereby regular exchange and dialogue with partners in the different regions are of the utmost importance. All of the projects which pass the pre-evaluation phase will be personally visited by us or our advsiroy board. Our advisory board is supporting us with their expertise in the selection process and is part of the decision-making process.

This selection process will be guided by the following two criteria:


The Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation was founded based on the concept of social entrepreneurship which combines a financially viable product with a charitable purpose. We are convinced that this concept also exists in other parts of the world. Therefore, the intention is to support initiatives that build on and develop local entrepreneurial potential and capability. The goal is to support the creation of value chains and structures in the relevant country and thus produce independent sources of income.

This call for proposals is intended for organisations and initiatives, which support entrepreneurial potential in the respective countries. This could be through the provision of micro-credit, start-up loans or advice and training possibilities.


The goal here is to support capacity building initiatives and training facilities that focus on youth development as well as further education for adults. Key here is that there needs to be a tangible, practical aspect that is directly linked to implementation of projects. The students can potentially act as “multipliers”, passing on what they have learned to others. Local expertise should be nurtured and utilized in finding local solutions to local problems. We support capacity building initiatives that create local and sustainable sources of income as well as building local resilience.

This call for proposals is aimed at organisations, institutions and initiatives, which provide practically-oriented courses with clear measurable impact.

Proposals are welcomed from different thematic areas such as:

+ Rural development and ecology

+ Innovation and digitalisation

+ Ecotourism

+ Microcredit and financial support

+ Small business development

+ Artisan development

+ Sustainable consumption and production methods

This list should be read as a list of examples and is by no means exhaustive. They are all based around the idea of empowering local people and communities to improve their living conditions, providing greater dignity and autonomy.

To apply, please complete the following application forms, while paying attention to the funding guidelines. Please also see the Application Guidelines for more information.

The necessary documents can be found here: 

Application form                                     Financial plan                             Funding guidelines                                  Application guidelines

Reporting documents (for existing project partners): 

Reporting Guidelines                                      Final Report                                    Statements of Receipt                                   Interim Report