During the last days of January, the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation decided not to stay in St. Pauli for a change. For three days, the beautiful village of St. Peter Ording was the location to work on a new strategy.

In a cosy motel directly on the beach of the small town in North Frisia, the four employees of the Foundation did not only enjoy the sea. But also thought intensively about the future of their work. What does the next year look like? And what will working together look like when Paul, as a third employee, joins the Foundation? 

Turning two into three

When a new employee joins an already trusting team, with to people attuned two each other, the office might seem a little crowded. Which tasks are handed over and, above all, which project country? It is obvious that more helping hands are needed, but how does one structure oneself now?
A strategy usually helps. And to formulate it, the Foundation has travelled further north, far away from the hustle and bustle of Hamburg. Led by the first and former manager of the Foundation, Agnes Fritz, there were discussions, exchanges, compliments, constructive contributions and also: getting to know each other.

Getting a little order into chaos

Who’s taking the lead?

After discussing each one’s expectations for the next few days on the first evening, the next day was all about the getting down to business. Even the walls of the conference room in the motel were used to visualise the various areas and tasks. Ideas were pinned, notes moved back and forth, some tasks redefined and some discarded. One question always remained in one’s mind: Who is taking the lead? This of course means responsibility for the individual areas, which not only concern project work, but also accounting and administration. As well as internal and external communication, responsibility for the advisory board and much more.

The head is spinning, let’s go outside

As the sun was shining every now and then, a few conversations were quickly moved outside. Especially when reflecting on each other’s strengths, weaknesses and one’s own work, the stroll through the dunes brought a special dynamic to the discussions.
When it comes to intensive mental work, it is important to allow yourself to rest between sessions. A walk on the beach with fresh air often works wonders for the head. Wading through the wet sand, moving and taking a deep breath gives new energy for the next rounds. So the three days have been relaxing but productive.

The Foundation is growing and accordingly the responsibility to maintain the atmosphere among the everyone. To be able to concentrate on oneself, the others and the common work for three days outside of the usual environment, is an excellent way to do this. In order to be able to allocate the various tasks efficiently and fairly, it is essential to develop a strategy for this small team.
At the end of the three days, the Foundation returned to Hamburg with a little heavier luggage. This includes annual goals, a calendar for 2019 with milestones and an understanding of one’s own position, responsibility and tasks.