In eastern Mexico, our project partner “Tijiohtli” has been running a school for indigenous youth for several years. In addition to a digital program that is unique to the region, the educational concept focuses on sustainable and practical education. The goal is to pick up the students from the region where they are, to perceive their indigenous background as a strength and to give them practical skills for life. We been working together with the organization since April 2018. We captured their unique view on the world and the joint project with the filmmaker Kevin Fitzpatrick. In different short clips they will share their hopes and challenges and talk about their quest of finding their place in life.

What does Tijiohtli actually do and why? Nobody can explain this better than Sofía Becerra, the director of Tijiohtli:

What is taught in the school of Tijiohtli? Feliciano Pelico Bonilla tals about his experiences and the realities of indigenous youth:

Nicacea Lino on traditional gender roles, her empowering experience at the school of Tijiohtli and her new self-image as a woman:

Erica Hernándex Reyes, about dreams, passion and pride and how all this is related to Tijiohtli:

Special Thanks to Kevin Fitzpatrick.