In Mexico the Lemonaid & ChariTea e.V. supports the Instituto Intercultural Ñöñho. Our charitable organisation funds the not-for-profit institution that trains young women and men to be social entrepreneurs.


The institute was founded ten years ago, when it was a small co-operative working on development locally. Today, that little co-operative has grown into a small but professional educational institute – a sort of local university. This main aim is to enable the young people of the Querétaro region to found businesses and start projects in their own communities, which have significant structural problems. Pervasive problems such as unemployment, social exclusion and the destruction of indigenous culture can therefore be tackled. This is a pioneering achievement: the Institute is the first place in Mexico to offer such a course. The programme is already having its first success – one of the first graduates, a woman, has founded a ceramics co-operative.



The role of Lemonaid & ChariTea e.V.

Currently, 30 young people are being trained at the institute. Lemonaid & ChariTea e.V. fund 18 of these places. There are about ten teachers. They help to preserve the identity of the indigenous population without ignoring the demands and developments of the 21st century western world.