Together with the marketing department of Lemonaid & ChariTea GmbH, the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation has created their first exhibition. This exhibition guides the visitors through the development of the non-profit foundation, which was founded in 2010 in Hamburg – St. Pauli. While at the beginning the Foundation was operated by the CEOs of the GmbH on a voluntary basis, in 2017 it counts two full-time employees who are currently supervising 24 active projects in 7 project countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The exhibition was opened with great fanfare at this year’s Lemonaid & ChariTea Summerfest in June.


In terms of content, the exhibition explains in detail how the foundation operates. It provides answers to frequently asked questions, such as in which regions the Foundation is active in or which projects are actively funded with which amount and over what period of time. Furthermore, the exhibition gives an overview of the development of the finances of Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation from its beginnings until 2017 and explains how these are compounded. In addition, the expenses for the past year 2017, the most eventful year so far, in which 16 new projects were added to the portfolio, are shown.


The process that a project goes through from application to final funding and implementation is also clearly outlined in the exhibition. In a further step, it is explained how the concept of “Drinking Helps!” is precisely implemented by showing in which areas of development cooperation the financial support provided is effective.  With the help of graphics and examples, the Foundations concept of strengthening capacities and resources in the local communities is illustrated. For example, by creating opportunities to generate independent income, like the organisation Avani facilitates in India. The women of Avani are producing scarfs and dresses in a traditional way and with natural materials from the region, and thus are able to live an independent, self-contained life.


© Ronja Schweer



Individual portraits of people behind the projects bring the visitor closer to an understanding of the work and give insight into what it is that motivates these immovators to be involved in their respective initiatives. Furthermore, some souvenirs and small presents from the project trips are presented like handmade flowers made of expanded rubber from FACAAL in Mexico or the stuffed monkey Alfred by Jyothi in India. Little anecdotes give more information about the stories of said presents.


The exhibition can be borrowed and will soon also be available in digital form. For more information please write to



© Ronja Schweer