In Africa, Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation supports nine projects currently. Four of them are located in Rwanda and five in South Africa. In the past projects in the South African region of Suid Bokkeveld, a land-buying project for the Fairtrade rooibos farmers and financed solar power units and water tanks have been supported.

Short movie – Solar energy units and water tanks for Suid Bokkeveld

In 2016 the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation together with the non-profit organization 'Indigo Development & Change' provided solar energy systems for a rural community in Suid Bokkeveld, South Africa. In the first step solar energy units for 20 households have been installed and the residents have been trained in using and maintaining them. Additionally, water tanks [...]

Short movie – Land purchasing for the Heiveld Cooperative

In February 2016 the Heiveld Cooperative and its partners in Germany launched an exciting campaign to buy land. The land should be used by aspiring rooibos small-scale farmers while also conserving the amazing landscapes and plant life of the Bokkeveld Plateau in South Africa. The Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation was one of those partners and had [...]

Competence center and education programs lead to an upturn in the Rubavu Region

Since June 2017 the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation supports the projects of the organization ‘Friends of Ruanda e.V.’ (FoR).  FoR promotes the development of continuing education programs in order to combat unemployment in Rubavu, Rwanda the border region to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.   Friends of Ruanda e.V. was founded in 2006 as an [...]

AFIT organizes Spring Schools on fair trade topics

One of the newest addition to the projects we support in South Africa, ‘the Association for Fairness in Trade’ (AFIT) has organized a spring school on fair trade issuesfrom the 16th to 20th of October 2017. Small-scale farmers and farmworkers were invited to the event to learn about their rights and given the opportunity to network [...]

AFIT organisiert Spring School zum fairen Handel

Eines unserer neuen Projektzugänge in Südafrika, die „Association for Fairness in Trade“ (AFIT) hat, vom 16. bis 20. Oktober 2017, erfolgreich eine „Spring School“ zum Thema des fairen Handels für seine Mitglieder organisiert. Farmarbeitern*innen und Kleinbäuer*innen gewannen hierdurch Zugang zu Informationen über ihre Rechte und die Möglichkeit sich untereinander zu vernetzen.   40 Teilnehmende von neun [...]

Rwandan photography: Teaming up with ‘Taking Pictures, Changing Lives’

In September 2017 we ventured on a project travel to Rwanda to visit our partner organisations such as ‘Teach a Man To Fish’ and for the first time a local photographer was by our side: Jean Bizimana. The contact with Jean was facilitated by development photographer Adam Dickens. Adam Dickens founded the non profit community interest company [...]

Promoting the role of small-scale farmers and workers in global fair trade

The ‘Association for Fairness in Trade’ (AFIT) fights for the empowerment of small-scale farmers and farm workers in global fair trade, in South Africa. The association aims at informing farmers about their rights vis-à-vis importers from the global north. Their work is funded by the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation since May 2017.   The non-profit organization AFIT was [...]

Innovative education – Student businesses

Since 2017 the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation is fostering cooperations in Rwanda and currently supports the implementation of four projects. One of these is the execution of the 'School Enterprise Challenge' in Rwanda, which encourages young people to run their own businesses.    The 'School Enterprise Challenge' is implemented nationwide in Rwanda by the British organisation 'Teach A [...]

Nceduluntu’s vegetable seedling nursery

Since May 2017  the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation supports the organization ‘Nceduluntu’ with with two of its projects. Besides the ‘Beekeeping project’ the foundation fosters the set-up of a vegetable seedling nursery in the community of Wesley. Thus, contributing to food security and sovereignty in the structurally disadvantaged region of the Eastern Cape in South Africa. [...]

Nceduluntu’s beekeeping project in the Eastern Cape

The beekeeping project in South Africa’s Eastern Cape aims at tackling the high unemployment rate in the structurally highly disadvantaged area. A beekeeping training for young locals, offers the perspective of a secure income while utilizing local resources. The beekeeping project, is one of two projects by the project incubator ‘Nceduluntu’ that is supported by the [...]